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the way we work and communicate

Our design approach is first and foremost guided by a fluid and intuitive thinking process.  We are always committed to an open and flexible dialogue through every stage of the design process. Our creative strength and ability to conceptualize allows us to work on various projects regardless of complexity and scale.   We design each project to meet the specific needs of our clients and conditions.

architecture + design

Embracing quality and design we strive to create built forms and interior environments that respond to the specific requirements of each individual project and the needs of our clients. Our ultimate goal is to enrich the user experience through spatial and aesthetic quality, and are committed to the process of lifelong learning and the perfection of our craft.

realization of the project

Project complexities and the need for effective communication between the client, architect, engineer and the builder requires an intergrated approach in the creation of the construction documents and project delivery. Our studio fully utilizes BIM technology (Building Information Modeling) to create a virtual model of the project that contains the structural, electrical, mechanical and interior components of the building. In essence, we construct the project virtually before the building is built. Our building models are also used for construction phasing, energy models, lighting design, and detailed cost estimates based on real world materials and quantities.

conceptualization and visualization

Whether the project is real or simply a conceptual proposal, we offer design tools that enable our clients to visualize the project as built in a three dimensional environment. We offer three dimensional computer generated modeling and realistic renderings of interior and exterior spaces, as well as physical models built at various scales. These tools clearly communicate the conceptual ideas behind every project.





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